Chloride UK Smoke Alarm Detector


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  • Warns you of intending fire
  • Doesn't send off false alarm
  • 9V Battery Powered
  • Led indicator
  • Low-sensitivity warning
  • Low-battery warning
  • Test Button
  • SMD Circuit board design
  • Battery Included
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CSD-218 series photoelectric smoke detectors are designed in accordance with UL217 EN14604 and manufactured under the best quality control . The CSD-218 series alarm are adopted the reliability UL-certificated infrared components.

  • Chloride UK Smoke Detector gives you early warning of fires. It detects smoke by a couple of infrared diodes and the alarm will sound off immediately.
  • smoke sensing detector
  • Quick & easy installation, no wiring required
  • High sensitivity- responds to all standard fires
  • Loud alarm-85 decibels
  • Eco-friendly
  • Battery lasts over a year
  • Test button simulates smoke alarm


  • 1 smoke detector with 9V Battery Included

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